Emergency Medical Services

Onesquethaw Volunteer Fire Company is the last volunteer combination Fire
and Ambulance service in Albany County - which allows us to offer our
services free of charge.
Our ambulance is composed entirely of volunteers,
who are fully trained and qualified with NYS DOH EMS certifications.

OVFC rescue squad operates a 2019 F450 Type 1 Demers ambulance, that has a full outfit of both Basic and Advanced Life Support (in coordination with the Albany County Sheriff's Office) equipment.

New in 2019: Our EMTs are able to provide CPAP to patients in resipiratory distress, electronic PCR's (patient care reports) via emscharts, we now have a LUCAS 2 CPR machine, Ferno Pedi-mate (able to properly secure pediatric patients into the stretcher), and one fire engine responds in addition to our ambulance to all confirmed echo responses (cardiac or respiratory arrest). Online CME video training conducted through ems1 academy. -All institued by EMS Captain Pierce. 

New in 2020: We have purchased an ozone decontamination unit to help clean our ambulance after a possible covid-19 patient. We continue to follow the latest covid-19 protocols through CDC, NYS and REMO recommendations.

We are currently in need of new members. Become an EMT, EMT-
Assistant, Driver, or administrator today! EMT class is fully paid for by
OVFC once you are a member.


NYS EMS Protocols:


EMS Response to Covid-19:


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