FEMA AFG Grant Increases Rescue Capabilities

Wednesday, April 5, 2023

OVFC is proud to announce that we were selected for a large grant to replace our extrication tools. After demoing several different vendors, we have selected TNT Rescue extrication tools. The tools selected are electric, which run off battery power. The tools purchased were a cutter, spreader, ram, and combination tool. The dedicated cutter, dedicated spreader and ram are mounted into our rescue engine 25-23. The combination tool (not pictured) will be placed on 25-31 in Feura Bush, which will allow our engine (farthest from 25-23) to begin extrication prior to the arrival of our rescue. This will reduce extrication times and ultimately lead to better patient outcomes. Many of our members have undergone state fire extrication class which allows them to be trained and proficient in the art of extrication. We will undergo one more formal training session before the tools are placed fully in service. Finally, we would like to thank our Vice President Dave, who put in a lot of work to complete the grant application and we couldn’t have done it without his work.

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