At 7:48pm OVFC was dispatched for a reported barn fire on Waldenmaier Road. Before arrival 25-03
called for tankers from New Salem Fire Department and Berne Fire Department, since it was close to zero
with the wind chill. First due 25-32 arrived and declared a signal 30 with a working barn fire. 32 quickly
deployed handlines to knock the fire down. Other arriving engines went to work to assist knocking down the
fire and make animal rescues inside the building. OVFC saved many animal lives that night. OVFC units on
scene 25-01, 25-02, 25-03, 25-04, 25-05, 25-06, 25-09, 25-23, 25,-30, 25-31, 25-32, 25-54, 25-56, 25-85.
Thank you to Berne, New Salem, Delmar, Westerlo, and Altamont fire departments who all assisted on scene
or provided coverage during the fire.