OVFC was dispatched 12:12AM for a reported large fire in the woods in the area of Delaware Tpke and Devane
Lane. Knowing our first due area, chiefs began to suspect it may be a large cabin that sits almost half a mile in the
woods from the road. As units were responding up Delaware tpke, they could see the cabin in the woods fully involved
and flames shooting over the tree tops. A signal 30 was declared by 25-04. A unique challenge presented itself to
OVFC as the dirt driveway cross the Onesquethaw Creek, which had 2 feet of rushing water in it. 25-02 called for
Berne Fire Department to start their ATV's to the scene and a tanker. Firefighters were forced to hand lay almost 2000
feet of hose just to reach the house. By the time the hand lines were in place, most of the structure was on the ground.
OVFC units 25-01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 25-30, 25-31, 25-32, 25-54, 25-56, 25-85 were on scene and included 301,
04, 05, 07, 3-29, 3-50, 3-54, 3-57, 3-59 as well.