Onesquethaw Volunteer Fire Company is the last volunteer combination Fire
and Ambulance service in Albany County - which allows us to offer our
services free of charge. Our rescue squad is made up entirely of volunteers
who are fully trained and qualifed. OVFC runs a 2008 Ford/PL Custom
Ambulance (
25-85) that has a full outfit of both Basic and Advanced Life
Support (in coordination with the Albany County Sheriff's Office) equipment.

We are currently in need of new members. Become an EMT, EMT-
Assistant, Driver, or administrator today! EMT class is fully paid for by
OVFC once you are a member.

If you have any interest in joining the OVFC Rescue Squad, Please Call, Email,
or stop into a monday night meeting for an application.

Contact Info can be found
If you suspect someone has gone into cardiac arrest (no pulse) first, you
should immediately call 911 for help. If you ever need to do CPR, remember
these simple steps seen in the picture below. Remember C-A-B.
What To Do In An
1) Stay calm and dial 9-1-1.
2) Clearly state your
emergency/location to the
dispatcher and follow their
Prior to EMS Arrival
1) Make sure your house
address can easily be seen
from the road or have
someone waiting to flag down
the ambulance.
2) Have a list ready of the
patient's medication.
3) Put away any pets.
Onesquethaw Rescue Squad works in conjunction with Albany
County Sheriff's Office Paramedics on every call who proved ALS
level care including medications, advanced airway care,
etc...Pictured below is one of their fly cars that will show up along
with our ambulance if you dial 911.